GreaterThan Coffee

Organic coffee, artisan tea + local snacks

We're located inside CO+HOOTS in the Phoenix Business District on the SW corner of 11th St. and Washington.

We got the best tea and coffee around, so come check us out regularly.

No we don't charge extra for soy or almond milk, that would be ridiculous

Hot 12/16 oz & Cold 16/24 oz


Locally Roasted Coffee

House Blend Drip 

Pour Over Seasonal Selections

Greek Coffee

Cold Brew (House Blend/Seasonal Selection)  

Greek Frappe

Japanese Style Iced Coffee

Boricua Style Coffee



Urban Pioneer Tea

Jazz Club (white)

Modern Inspiration (white)

Red Romeo (white)

Uptown Brew (white)

Afternoon Delight (green)

Brass Nutcracker (green)

Memories In The Park (green)

Phoenix Mint (green)

Spiced Buddha (chai/green)

Yellow Haze (green)

La Brisa (oolong)

Morning After (oolong)

Nairobi Rising (purple)

New City (purple)

Banana Tower (black)

Black Diamonds (black)

Concrete Jungle (black)

Hood Chai (chai/black)

Straight Up (black)

The Swirl (black)

Capoeira Chai (yerba mate)

Kalokairi Mate (yerba mate)

Mad World Mate (yerba mate)

Cape Town Chai (chai/rooibos)

Downtown Sunrise (rooibos)

Spice And The City (rooibos)

Vanilla Ride (rooibos)

City Thorn (herbal)

Little Bangkok (herbal)

Polynesian Halfpipe (herbal)

Twilight City (herbal)


Amazing variety. Come check for available flavors.


Treehouse Bakery

Seasonal selection of vegan scones

Caramel Pecan Bars (vegan)



In House

Wapanadas (Always Vegan)

Kormos (decadent Greek chocolate bar)

Our selection is constantly changing. Come see what we got!


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