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Greater Than Coffee

Welcome to a blog about, yes, coffee! However, this blog is different than most. What is Greater than Coffee?


My name is Bridget Nash and I am a student at Manchester University. As an avid coffee drinker for the past few years, the one thing that never stuck was the bitter taste of the coffee. Someone suggested I try an iced white chocolate mocha because it isn’t as bitter, and ever since that day, I purchase an iced white chocolate mocha at every new coffee shop.


After visiting more and more coffee shops around the state, I realized a few things:

  1. Each coffee shop is unique
  2. The baristas take their time in creating each drink
  3. Customers enjoy other people’s company inside of the shops


It was in that realization that I wanted to tell the stories of these shops. Every coffee shop has a story, every barista has found ways to create art out of their drinks, and in all of these shops I have visited, I am never in a rush to leave.


Thus, the birth of Greater than Coffee. There is more to coffee than just the beans.


Thank you walking along on this coffee journey and taking the time to listen to these amazing stories.