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Rochester Bagel and Coffee House

In the heart of Rochester, Indiana, you can find a cute bagel and coffee house that serves great food and drinks with great service.

The shop stands by itself with a small entrance, but once you walk in it feels like a great place to stay. There are tables inside and outside the shop, allowing the customers to enjoy the weather if they choose to do so.

They have two counters, one for the drinks and one for the bagels. I ordered an everything bagel with plain cream cheese and it was exactly what I was expecting. I also ordered an iced white chocolate mocha, which tasted pretty good as well. They offer specialty drinks I was able to try the Dave’s Delight, which is coffee with caramel and brown sugar. It tasted like french toast! I thought it was delicious, but it was also very sweet.

One thing that surprised me most was that they offered seasonal lemonade. I was able to try a frozen blueberry lemonade and because it tasted so good, we ordered almost every lemonade on the menu: blueberry, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, mango, peach, and regular lemonade as well. They all tasted pretty good, but my personal favorite was the blueberry.

Visit their website here!

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