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In the college town of North Manchester, Indiana, the home of Manchester University, is the small coffee shop called KenapocoMocha.

KenapocoMocha serves coffee and pastries that are brewed and made in-house. They serve coffee from Utopian Coffee Co., where the beans are sourced directly from the farmers themselves.

First, we have to talk about their service. I visited the shop three years ago and received great service. I visited the shop last week and again received exceptional service. All of the workers appear to love the work they do and treat their customers very well.

Second, the coffee they serve is intricately made. Two of the baristas that work behind the counter are sisters who have worked there for over four years and they love the work they do. I had a white mocha (hot and iced), a cuban white mocha, and a blueberry cheesecake latte. All of these drinks have hit the standard I personally look for in coffee. However, the taste of espresso is slightly stronger if you are not a fan of that.

Lastly, one of my favorite parts about this coffee shop is that it is served in a house. They renovated a house in North Manchester to serve coffee and pastries out of and it makes KenapocoMocha feel like home.

In addition, their food is wonderfully made. They offer a variety of soups, sandwiches, etc. that are made in-house in the KenapocoMocha kitchen!

Visit their website for more information here.

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