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Is Coffee Healthy?

In today’s world, we can find anything on the internet. With this freedom, comes great responsibility. Some of the information on the web is correct, but some is isn’t. I wanted to dive a little deeper and find out, is coffee healthy?

Can coffee benefit our health?

When researching, the amount of pages that came up with information were a ton. I looked through the search results and found articles from Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic about answering the question, is coffee healthy?


First, the caffeine in the coffee. Caffeine is a natural stimulant that can improve memory, mood, and much more. Next, the coffee we drink comes from beans. These contain vitamin B, potassium and other nutrients as well.

The Mayo Clinic also acknowledged that there is a possible association with certain conditions and coffee may offer protection against them. Read here for the full article.


One thing to look out for is the excessive intake of coffee. With excessive amounts of caffeine comes dehydration. It can also raise blood pressure and potentially cholesterol depending on the intake and if the coffee is filtered or not.

There are benefits and setbacks to all decisions in life. Coffee has them both as well! Use your best judgement when it comes to excessive intake, and go get yourself a warm cup of joe.

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