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More Macchiatos

The world runs on many things: money, power, etc., etc. But one of the most important things that the world is run on is coffee. Of the coffee drinks offered at coffee shops across the country, the macchiato is one of the most popular. We should look for more macchiatos.

First, the macchiato is another milk-based coffee drink, like the latte or the mocha. However, the macchiato offers a stronger flavor compared to the latter.

Caramel Macchiato

Caramel Macchiato

Next, the macchiato is made from pouring the espresso on top of the steamed milk, leaving two visible layers on the drink as displayed shows. These drinks can be served hot or cold as well.

Lastly, in many coffee shops, adding flavor adds a little extra pizzaz to the already strong energy booster. For example, the caramel macchiato is espresso poured over steamed milk with caramel added to give it a sweeter taste. More flavors means more macchiatos!

At almost every coffee shop we have visited, we usually order a plethora of drinks. One of the drinks we order is the caramel macchiato. We encourage you to visit a coffee shop on the map above and ask for a macchiato on your next trip!

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