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Modoc’s Market

Modoc’s Market – Wabash, IN

Along the main strip in downtown Wabash, Indiana, you can find a coffee shop called Modoc’s Market.

Their presence in Wabash is undeniable, and their coffee is just as good. I usually order a cuban white chocolate mocha when I go to Modoc’s. With their store laid out with seating and another room attached with even more places to meet, you can see why many people in the community gather at Modoc’s for business meetings, catch-up’s, and more.

The story behind Modoc’s Market is what makes it even more special.


“Modoc was the most famous elephant in America, for one week in 1942.”


In 1942, the Great American Circus was going to perform for Wabash High School. In this Circus, there were three Indian elephants that were set to perform: Empress, Judy, and Modoc. However, when they were waiting for their chance to perform, dogs barked at the elephants and all three elephants bolted loose.

Empress and Judy didn’t go far, but the last elephant, Modoc, charged as far away as he could. Modoc actually went to downtown Wabash and took peanuts that were roasting in a nearby drugstore. This drugstore is now the location of Modoc’s Market today.

Modoc was on the loose for five days but was captured with the help of the community.

To read the full story, click here!

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