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Mocha History

One of my favorite drinks, the mocha, has a little bit of history behind it. According to several sources, Yemen was one of the big players in the coffee industry and were the first country to plant coffee as a crop. The main port that Yemen used was called Al Moka, and the coffees that left from there were called Mocha coffees.


The beans that Yemen offered had more of a chocolate flavor, which became popular with the Europeans.

“Mocha” became a household term.

The mocha then developed into what we have today as coffee with chocolate. Typically, the mocha is made with one third espresso and two thirds steamed milk, but to make it a more specialized drink you can add flavored syrup to the mix and make it your own. Adding white chocolate flavoring would make a white chocolate mocha.


For more information about the mocha, read this article!

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