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Hot vs. Iced Coffee

One question we get asked all the time when visiting coffee shops: Would you like that hot or iced? When it comes to Hot vs. Iced Coffee, it is a battle for the ages.

Yes, the main difference of the two drinks is the temperature. However, the components that are added in each choice change the taste of the drink and can change how one enjoys it.

First, iced coffee. Iced coffee can me made in several ways. First, you can just add ice to your brewed coffee. Speaking from experience, this method has the potential to water-down the drink. The coffee melts the ice and makes not as rich of a taste when drinking. The coffee can still taste good, just not the same as usual. Iced coffee can also be brewed cold. Cold brew is a great example of this.

Next, hot coffee. As we can infer, this coffee is brewed hot. Drinking the coffee hot, whether it be black, with a little bit of cream and sugar, or if you put a splash of coffee with your milk and flavoring, the hot coffee may provide a richer taste.

When I try the difference of a hot vs. iced coffee, I try a hot white chocolate mocha and an iced white chocolate mocha. The hot mocha has a richer and more full taste to it, whereas the iced mocha had a more distinct bitter taste. Both are good, but some days you might crave one over the other.

Iced vs. hot coffee will always be a battle, but when it comes down to the wire, preference is everything. Give both options a try and explore which you like best.

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