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Fortezza Coffee



If you ever find yourself in downtown Fort Wayne and are in need of coffee or even just a nice hot chocolate, Fortezza Coffee is the place for you.

In an already popular area in downtown Fort Wayne, the only tricky part about visiting this coffee shop is the parking. Once we found a place to park, it was quite easy to get to the shop and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Fortezza coffee offered a wonderful experience,  from the order to the drink itself. I would recommend this shop to anyone!

The Details

First, the shop is not what I expected to see looking from the outside. I personally expected warm lighting with a wide array of decorations. We walked in and were greeted by the simplistic brand and overall tone of the shop. The bar had a very clean look to it and the size of the bar allowed us to watch the barista make our drinks. The decor was simple as well, matching their brand and giving space to pay more attention to the coffee instead of what was going on around it.

I ordered a vanilla mocha, which tasted incredible. It had a very similar taste to my usual white chocolate mocha. The barista was very willing to make whatever we wanted, so we also ordered a hot chocolate. In that drink, we saw the barista do latte art. It was so awesome to finally see this done in person and it tasted great as well.

The seating in the shop were a variety of tables in another room, which allows people to come in and work freely as they need to. They also provide WiFi, which is a huge plus to those who have to work while on the internet.

Fortezza’s brand includes a turtle which was displayed on many of their items for sale. I love the layout of the logo, with the simplicity of the turtle surrounded by the shop name. The simplicity of the logo helped shape the overall vibe of the coffee shop.

Overall this shop was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to try a coffee shop in the Fort Wayne area. Follow them on Facebook here!

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