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Brew’ Ha Coffee House

Looking for a coffee shop in the north east side of Indiana that offers late hours? Look no further, because the Brew’ Ha Coffee House is the place for you.

In Columbia City, Indiana, a small coffee shop resides in the town front. They offer many items on their menu. I have been to this shop twice now, and each time I chose something different. The first time I visited, I had their iced white chocolate mocha which tasted like most other white chocolate mochas I drink, delicious.

This week I decided to get a frozen white chocolate mocha to change it up. The Brew’ Ha Coffee House calls it an “Ivory Mocha” which makes the drink sound super cool. I enjoyed drinking it, because it offered a new experience of drinking my usual drink.

We also tried the chocolate peanut butter blended frost and the java chip blended frost, which were both similar to frappuccinos. Both of the drinks were great, but of the two my favorite was the chocolate peanut butter.

Lastly, the coffee shop had great service and was decorated super well. There was so much to look at that my eyes never got bored. There was plenty of seating, the lighting was warm and welcoming, and there was also lots of opportunities to buy more than just coffee such as cookies, muffins, or even their own merchandise.

Visit their website here!


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