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A ‘Latte’ to Learn

Coffee and wordplay, what could be better? Last week we learned about the mocha, but this week we are diving into another popular drink, the latte. There are a few things that make this drink special, and there is always a ‘latte’ to learn!

First, the construction. latte ratio is one-third espresso, two-thirds steamed milk, and a centimeter of foam. The texture of the latte gives the drink a little spice to the already pretty look of the drink.

Second, there are also different flavors of lattes, such as vanilla, cinnamon dolce, café latte, and more! These are made by adding flavored syrups and other flavorings.

Lastly, an interesting thing about the latte is the art that baristas can make on the top of the drinks. As a result of social media, latte art is becoming more and more popular in coffee shops around the world. Platforms such as YouTube provide videos on how to do latte art. Click here to watch one!

Personally, I tried a vanilla latte and enjoyed it. It’s similar to the mocha in a lot of ways. As we visit more coffee shops around the state, we hope to be able to find a shop with latte art. There is always a latte to learn!

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