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Wire & Steam

Wire & Steam ā€“ Warsaw, IN

In a small strip of shops in Warsaw, Indiana is a coffee shop called Wire & Steam. At first glance, it looked like a cute shop. Their logo included imagery of coffee and a charger, telling me exactly what I was about to walk into: a shop that serves drinks but gives you a comfortable place to work.

When I entered, I was pleasantly surprised. It was exactly what I had pictured. The low ā€œUā€ shaped bar allowed for many access points to the baristas working and gave a very open and welcoming vibe. They had lots of different flavors of syrups which caught my attention. I saw them make a purple and a green drink, super interesting!

There was a variety of seating: couches, tables, bar stools. It allowed the customer to decide in what way they want to spend their time. Their decorations were very cute and matched all around.

The service was wonderful as well. The drinks were made in a good amount of time and they were made well. My iced white mocha tasted good. Another drink I tried was the Peanut Butter Chocolate Frappuccino, and it was incredible! It had a perfect and subtle coffee aftertaste which made me very happy. Also the straw was blue which I loved because it matched their brand.

You can find their shop under the “Maps” tab on the top menu and you can follow them on social media on Instagram @SteamCoffeeWarsaw and on Facebook at SteamCoffeeCo.

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