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Coffee vs. Espresso

Coffee vs. Espresso would be a fun battle to watch. Has anyone else dove into the difference between espresso and coffee? I hadn’t until recently. I just thought coffee and espresso were two different types of drinks.  But, espresso is a type of coffee.


In reality, the true difference between coffee and espresso is the way that it is brewed.


First, the word is not pronounced ex-presso, it is pronounced ES-presso. Espresso is a method of preparing a cup of coffee that is tiny in size and strong in flavor. It is made from pushing water through the coffee grounds at a high pressure and speed. This pressure and speed are what requires there to be a special machine to make an espresso. When coffee is brewed, they keep the beans in contact with the water for a longer amount of time and use gravity to brew the coffee.


Another difference between the two makes of coffee is the roast of the beans. When making espresso, the machines usually call for a darker roast because the darker the bean, the more pressure they can withstand. Making coffee allows for the users to choose a roast they prefer, whether it be medium, light, or another roast.


Lastly, there is a difference in caffeine. When it comes to coffee, every 8 oz. contains anywhere from 70-140mg of caffeine. In espresso, every 1.5 oz. contains between 60-80mg of caffeine.


Basically, there are some differences between coffee and espresso, but neither is objectively “better” than the other. So when it comes to Coffee vs. Espresso, it depends on the preference in taste of your choice of drink.

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